About us

Welcome to our site – the gateway to the future. Our vision is of an innovative new learning arena allowing students to obtain more than just pieces of paper; becoming lifelong learners with the much-needed 21st century skills that will ensure the future survival of the human race. Creativity, ambition and inspiration form our ethos, backed up with years of experience and real-world evidence.

What’s our mission?
We want to transform education from kindergarten collegeto enable students to develop practical, useful knowledge and skills to thrive in their careers and adult lives, not just their academic studies. Our focus is on practices and programs that help students learn and effectively apply attitudes, skills, beliefs and knowledge to reach their full potential. We continually innovate to ensure schools provide rigorous project-based learning with access to the latest and best technologies, not forgetting the importance of social and emotional learning. In this new world, teachers, administrators, policy makers, parents and above all, students, are empowered with a shared vision to develop education as we know it into the powerful tool it needs to be for the future and for humanity.

How will we do it?
With real-world information and community connections, we can make this happen.We are the guiding beacon of transformation in education; a torchbearer towards a system which really works. We show people how to adopt best practices and we spread inspirational success stories celebrating innovation and lifelong learning across the globe. We strive for quality, scalability and replicability in our robust research, aiming to develop and evaluate methods which positively influence the processes of learning and achievement, not just when students are young but for the rest of their lives.

In tune with the future of education, we need you on board to bring about these changes. Join us in building this world of innovation today and empower schools, classrooms and students to achieve their best for life.

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